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We made it!

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As of today, July 4, we now have 400 household member-owners of the Dorchester Community Food Co-op. Thanks to all who have joined in the last month to help us reach our goal! This is an important milestone for the Co-op.

We are going to have a busy year ahead of us, as we launch our major Capital Campaign to raise $1.85 million to open our doors in 2017. We will be raising the money through individual investments, foundation grants and loans. The funds will be used to build out our new space, purchase equipment, hire a General Manager and other start-up staff, and do all the work we need to do to be ready for opening. Stay tuned to hear more about this process.

Welcome to our new Co-op members: Joel Richards, Leslie MacWeeney, Stephanie Crawford, Jolie Olivetti, Clare, Randy and Annika Nielsen, Tara Register, LaNette Peavy, Melissa Alexis and Roz Freeman.

IMG_0228 IMG_0232 IMG_0231

One thought on “We made it!

  1. Awesome job! Woot woot!

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