Dorchester Community Food Co-op

Building a Healthy, Sustainable & Economically Viable Community


  • Reports: Food Coop Comparison report and chart FoodCoopComparisonReportfood coop comparisons.
  • Link to virtual library compiled by the Community Food Security Coalition. It contains  academic articles about
    food access, transportation and farmer’s markets among other things:
  • Sustainable Stores: Food Trust guide that lays out possible renovations that can be done to a retail store in order to make it more sustainable. This is obviously something we haven’t gotten to yet, but it might come in handy later: Food Trust Guide 
  • Farmer’s Markets: USDA conducted survey of farmer’s markets throughout the country: USDA Survey
  • Alternative Markets: A shipping container market is close to opening in Brooklyn: Dekalb Market
  • Food Access:  Changing Models of Urban Food Retail by the Initiative for  a Competitive Inner City:  Urban Food Retail National Poverty Center research on food deserts: NPC Food Desert. USDA Access to Affordable and Nutritious Food: Report to Congress:  USDA Report
  • Worker’s Coops: Report and Case Study done by MIT Co-Lab: MIT Co-Lab Report
  • Read Neighboring Food Co-op Association Erbin Crowell’s presentation on multi-stakeholder co-ops:

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