Dorchester Community Food Co-op

Building a Healthy, Sustainable & Economically Viable Community


Where will the Co-op be located?

The goal is to build the store in a central location in Dorchester in a neighborhood that has less access to existing food markets.

Why should I join now before the store is built?

The Co-op needs YOU! To get the funding to build the store, the Co-op needs to demonstrate the commitment of the community.

How do I join the Co-op?

Membership in the Dorchester Community Food Co-op is a one-time investment (not an annual fee!) of $100 per household. This fee can be paid in small installments over time.

What if I buy a membership now and the Co-op doesn’t open?

If the Co-op does not open and the organization is dissolved, any remaining member contributions would be returned.

How will all the money be raised?

The Co-op will be financed through membership equity shares, member loans, donations,  grants, and loans from banks and co-op loan funds.

When will the store open?

It is anticipated that the store will open by late Fall of 2016.


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