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Co-op in the Dorchester Day Parade

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On Sunday, June 2nd the Dorchester Community Co-op marched in the Dorchester Day Parade. Coop members and supporters joined together and held the Dorchester Community Co-op banner along with homemade signs and walked from Lower Mills to Columbia Road helping to spread the word about the Co-op. Co-op members walked along with members of the Bowdoin-Geneva Farmers’ Market creating the first “Healthy Food ” contingent in the parade.

We had a wonderful time participating in the Dorchester Day celebrations and supporting our neighborhood.  It was a great chance to let thousands know about our plans to bring a food co-op to Dorchester. Thank you to everyone who came out and marched with us or cheered us on from the sidelines!

Did you come to watch the parade?




One thought on “Co-op in the Dorchester Day Parade

  1. Yeah for Dorchester Food Coop! Great work!

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