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We met the challenge! Co-op to receive matching grant

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Thanks to so many of you, we exceeded our goal of raising $12,500 by April 15—and we WILL receive our matching grant from the Boston Impact Initiative.  We really appreciate how many of our supporters dug deep to achieve this goal—thanks to all of you spread the word, forwarded our emails, shared our  Facebook posts, and retweeted our Twitter messages. This truly has been a grassroots effort. As of this morning, we have raised over $13,000.

The outpouring of support was overwhelming—and it is a sign that our project of building a new urban food co-op is resonating with folks in Dorchester and allies across the city (and beyond). The Vision Fund will be used to do the work to make this dream a reality: design and plan the new store, continue the outreach to build our membership, further develop our organizational systems, and raise the capital to start the business. We are well on our way.

If you have not yet had a chance to send in a donation, it is not too late!  We will continue to build the Vision Fund beyond this matching grant challenge to raise money for the co-op development.

             To contribute online through paypal, CLICK HERE
             To donate by check, make out check to the Dorchester Community Food Co-op and send  to the
DCFC, PO Box 240231, Dorchester, MA 02124.     

All donations of $100 and over are tax deductible. To get the tax deduction, please make checks out to the Co-op Fund of New England and send to the PO Box above.  Tax deductible donations cannot be made on line!

Thanks again–and we look forward to working with all of you as we  build our new co-op!

With gratitude for your partnership,

Jenny Silverman and the Board of the Dorchester Community Food Coop
Jhana Senxian, Bing Broderick, Davida Andelman, Rosanne Foley, Sharon Higgins, Jennie Msall, Lynn Murray, Samantha Tan, Joel Wool


One thought on “We met the challenge! Co-op to receive matching grant

  1. Yay Dot Food Coop!!! Congrats on meeting your goal. From all of us at CERO, your recycling and organics coop.

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