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We are delighted to share with you the news that we are setting up a Vision Fund to ensure the ability of the Co-op to move to the next level. We have received a Matching Grant of $12,500 from the Boston Impact Initiative. If we can meet the challenge of raising the match of $12,500 by April 15, 2013, we’ll have $25,000 to initiate the Vision Fund! If we come together and give what we each can, we’ll meet this challenge.

We couldn’t have come this far without you! Thanks to all of you who have been a part of a vibrant grassroots effort to bring high quality, healthy food to Dorchester – at affordable prices! Some of you contributed to our Kickstarter campaign; others of you have become member owners of the co-op. But our goal for this co-op is far more than just a source of food. With your support, we will also work to create a hub for community gatherings and build a model green community owned business. We are tired of hearing that inner city visions are unrealistic. With your continued backing for the Dorchester Community Food Co-op, we will show that commitment and hard work can make this dream come true in a diverse urban setting!

Here is what your financial contribution and participation have already achieved:

  • Support from a broad spectrum of the community: Our base represents co-op membership and leadership from our neighborhoods, as well as partnership from the City of Boston – with Mayor Menino attending our events and voicing his support for this project. Our new Outreach  Organizer is working hard to ensure that co-op membership continues to represent the diversity of our community.
  • Design and plan for our Co-op building:  The Feasibility Study is done and we are launching a planning process for a 7500 square foot store. We are very excited at the vision of a whole new “market center” that will include the Co-op, as well as complementary business enterprises, such as a bakery and fish store!
  • Two seasons of Winter Farmers’ Market in Codman Square: Despite unrelenting snowy days, more than 3000 shoppers attended the market! 
  • “Fresh Fridays”! This past summer, a six-week Friday evening series brought folks together to eat healthy food, hear wonderful performance art, and get to know their neighbors from across Dorchester. This was so much fun (and educational!) that there have been calls to plan a second season of “Fresh Fridays” this summer. We’re on it!

We are reaching out to you today to ask you for your help. Because you share our vision, we hope you will join us by sending in a contribution today towards the match.

             To contribute online through paypal, CLICK HERE
             To donate by check, make out check to the Dorchester Community Food Co-op and send  to the
DCFC, PO Box 240231, Dorchester, MA 02124.     

All donations of $100 and over are tax deductible. To get the tax deduction, please make checks out to the Co-op Fund of New England and send to the PO Box above.  Tax deductible donations cannot be made on line!

Help us get to our  goal! We have raised $11,000 already–we know with your help we can raise the rest of the $1,500. We are very lucky to have this opportunity to double the value of your money!

With gratitude for your partnership!

The Board of the Dorchester Community Food Co-op
Jenny Silverman, Jhana Senxian, Davida Andelman, Bing Broderick, Rosanne Foley, Lynn Murray, Jennie Msall, Samantha Tan, Sharon Higgins, Joel Wool


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