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The Opening Night of Fresh Fridays…

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The Opening Night of Fresh Fridays was a HUGE SUCCESS!

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“Great food (and mocktails – loved the carribbean cooler) and music, saw some people I hadn’t seen in ages, met some new people. All for $5.
What could be better?”

Many thanks to the many many volunteers and sponsors who helped make this possible.
More great music and food coming up!

August 10:   Fusion & Spice
Beautiful Market Fresh Bites Paired with Dazzling Art & The Music of Hermanos Dulce

featuring Patino Vazquez (Vocals, Contrabass, Electric Bass) &
Mikael Mersha (Vocals, Contrabass, Electric Bass)

6 – 8 pm
First Parish Church – 10 Parish St., Dorchester.
(Meetinghouse Hill next to the Mather School)
Suggested Donation: $5 adults, $3 kids.

Patino Vazquez is the son of two Cuban exiles.  As a singer-songwriter, composer-multi-instrumentalist and sizzling performer, he straddles both cultures with a sensual style and ease. El Patino has always enjoyed mixing genres to accommodate his diverse musical upbringing. A trip to Cuba to visit his family in 1998  introduced him to the sounds and rhythms of the native music. Inspired by what he had heard and experienced in Cuba, he returned to Boston with a new vision for his own music and the material to begin forging his voice. On one of these trips to Cuba he discovered the tres cubano, a guitar made of three pairs of strings tuned in octaves and/or in unison.

Mikael Mersha is a native of Ethiopia who grew up on the North Shore. Over the past 15 years, Mik has been writing, performing and touring in and out of the country with groups whose stlyles range from R&B/Soul to Afro-Cuban Son/Salsa, African, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock & Blues. “Aside from some truly amazing American groups, I’ve also been called-in by musicians from Mali, Senegal & Kenya and have really enjoyed the challenge that learning a whole new dialect of music can bring. I met Patino during a stint in VoxPop, an experiment fusing poetry with world music, where we forged a tight brotherhood.”

The Dorchester Community Food Co-op and Sustainability Guild International are showcasing an exciting series of Friday night events in August through September. There will be live entertainment & savory food and beverages, healthy food demonstrations, along with activities for children. Join us in celebrating the essence of Dorchester through diverse voices, talents and flavors!

This is a Community Supported series—volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help set up, serve and prepare food.

To volunteer, please e-mail Jenny Silverman.

Click to view entire Fresh Fridays Calendar

Fresh Fridays is co-sponsored by
the Dorchester Community Food Co-op and Sustainability Guild International
and made possible by the
Boston Public Health Commission Strategic Alliance for Health

Thanks to our sponsors, and please give back support to our wonderful local businesses
Mayor Menino’s Neighborhood Response Team, Mt. Washington Bank, First Parish Church, Ashley’s Breakfast Shop, Family Nurturing Center,
Harvest Coop Markets, Blanchard Law Office, Fair Foods, Brookwood Community Farm, High Ground Microfarm, Newton Community Farm, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Pakeen Farm, Serving Ourselves Farm, ReVision Urban Farm, City Growers, The Food Project, Silverbrook Farm, Fair Foods, Stillman’s Farm, Yarrow Stalk Farm, Red’s Best, Juan Vasquez Fruits, Stop and Shop, Home Depot

And special thanks to our cafe team: Lirba Carrion, Clarista Bramble and Gennerre Crocket; guest chefs Reva Haselkorn, Wendy Simard, Brother Cleve, and Brother Rumas
and our volunteers: Rebecca Bilodeau, Emmy Rainwalker, Margaret Lamb, Palma McLaughlin, Abbie Wanamaker, Jennifer Shell, Lynn Holmgren, Wes Drew, Jacquelyn Burke

Sustainability Guild members: Jhana Senxian, Ron Gibson, Laura Kozar, Masio Dotson, Renato A. D. Riccioni  Ivy Smith,  George Durante, and Dorchester Community Food Coop members Jenny Silverman, Davida Andelman, Jennie Msall and Samantha Tan

And anyone else I may have forgotten to mention!


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