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It’s almost here–the $5 Challenge is this SUNDAY,  Oct 23 at 5pm at the Second Church in Dorchester (600 Washington St.) , so get excited, and get cooking!

We still have room for contestants in our competition, so send an email to Sarah at with your contact information to let her know you’ll be entering!  We’ll not only be giving away prizes for the best dishes overall, as ranked by our judges, but we’ll also be giving out awards for the Most Nutritious Dish, the Most Kid-friendly Dish, and the Easiest Dish to Make in a Hurry.  (NOTE: Contestants should bring their recipes, so judges can more accurately determine if your famous 5 Minute Rice Pudding really does take 5 minutes to make, or if your Healthy Caesar Salad is as good for your body as it is for your tastebuds!)

But entering the competition isn’t the only way to win at the $5 Challenge–you can also win a prize just by showing up with a dish, and the recipe!  We’ll be raffling off prizes for people who bring the recipe for their $5 dish and drop it into our basket.  We’ll also put the recipes up on this website, so that everyone in Dorchester can benefit from knowing how to make healthy, inexpensive food at home!

Questions?  Contact Sarah at

See you on Sunday at 5!


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