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Produce Price Comparison Survey

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Hey all! Check out our produce price comparison survey of different retail food stores and farmer’s markets in Dorchester and the area as well as the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn.

Be aware that the prices for the Park Slope Food Coop are highly subsidized because of member labor (the Coop doesn’t have paid employees which add a higher operating cost and higher price).

Produce Price Comparison

Produce Price Graphs

What surprises you here? What do you buy a lot of? Are these prices fair? Respond with comments.


One thought on “Produce Price Comparison Survey

  1. Hi There! I work at the Park Slope Food Coop (as a paid staff person) and just wanted to clarify that we do actually have about 70 paid staff people. However for a Coop of our size that is a fraction of the number of staff at other Coops – our members do about 75% of the labor, and that is how we keep our prices low. Just wanted to add that we do have labor costs, they’re just not as high as they could be.

    Best wishes to you all in Dorchester!!

    Brooklyn, NY

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